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Values statement

In the conduct of an investigation we seek to uphold these high
professional standards through the following fundamental values:
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High professional standards

As workplace investigators, we are committed to ensuring that our investigations are built upon our legal and workplace expertise, skills and experience, leading to high quality investigation reports. We also recognise the need for rigour, precision, efficiency and confidence in providing this professional service, as well as being able to meet the ethical challenges that the role might entail.


In the conduct of workplace investigations we will remain objective, avoid conflicts of interest, and will assess the credibility of witnesses and evaluate their evidence without bias. Our commitment to impartiality will also be reflected in our report findings and conclusions.
Q Workplace Solutions | Workplace Ivestigation


We recognise that fairness is a fundamental value in our investigation work. It means that throughout the conduct of an investigation we place a high priority on treating all investigation participants fairly, reasonably and consistently, no matter their circumstances or who they are. We also recognise the need to have an expert level of knowledge of the legal requirements of procedural fairness and to keep up to date with any important case developments in the area.
Q Workplace Solutions | Workplace Ivestigation


In the context of workplace investigations, integrity means to be honest and incorruptible. Integrity requires us to be honest in our dealings with all investigation participants and stakeholders even when there is extreme pressure not to be entirely truthful. Incorruptibility means that we will not allow dishonesty to compromise the investigation process or our findings. Given that our role is to make expert findings about the conduct of others, integrity is crucial.

Q Workplace Solutions | Workplace Ivestigation


This means that all investigation participants will be afforded the same reasonable level of courtesy and dignity in all our dealings with them, whether in face to face interviews, or in other forms of written or oral communication. Respect in this context also means that we are committed to listening actively and carefully to the witnesses whom we interview.
Q Workplace Solutions | Workplace Ivestigation


We recognise that participants in a workplace investigation often feel uncomfortable or even threatened by the process. Our approach is to be mindful of the welfare of participants and to avoid doing any harm, or making matters any worse than they might already be.

Maintaining confidentiality and respecting privacy

As workplace investigators we place a high priority on maintaining confidentiality over material that we inevitably need to consider during investigations. We also strive to respect, as far as possible, the privacy of all persons whose identities and information are relevant to the substance of our investigation reports.
Q Workplace Solutions | Workplace Ivestigation

Transparency and accountability

Transparency involves a commitment to ensure that each step we take in a workplace investigation is carefully documented and that the entire process meets accepted best practice standards in this area. Accountability is the willingness to be answerable for all our choices and our conduct throughout the investigation process and for the findings that we reach.

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